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      The Solution
      Typical Process Flow
      Business Scope
      • Provide technical proposal, project proposal, funding applications, feasibility studies, industry policy research and lab analysis.

      • Provide complete engineering design from preliminary engineering design to construction drawing design.

      • Manufacture center of HEEE produces standard biogas key equipment, such as: anaerobic digester, gas holder, desulfurization system, mixer etc.. HEEE has supplied key equipment for more than 280 biogas and bio-methane projects both in China and abroad.

      • Professional engineering construction and installation team with more than 20-year experience, HEEE provide service to customers all over the world.

      • Professional commissioning team with engineering experience of dealing with more than 200 projects with more than 30 kinds of raw materials, HEEE provide reliable and professional commissioning service to customers all over the world.

      • Provide professional operation service for biogas and bio-methane projects.

      • HEEE has professional, technical and capital advantages over the financing of biogas projects. HEEE is capable to ensure professional, efficient and stable operation of the project. We are willing to work with investors, customers and partners to explore a variety of ways of cooperation..

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